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Meet The Newest Leaders of Raleigh's HUG

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 30, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Raleigh HUG

We love HubSpot. And we love it so much that we wanted to teach other people about it. So we decided to become the newest leaders of the Raleigh HubSpot User Group. We're so excited to meet all of you at our first meetup and wanted to give you a chance to get to know us beforehand. We're young, we're fun, and our hustle mode is always on. Read on to learn a little bit about each of us.

Hüify Team

Who are we?

We all have many things in common, though there are 2 things that define our group: we are HubSpot pros and we work at a marketing agency called Hüify. Some other things we have in common are:

  • We are Starbucks addicts
  • We like donuts (except 1...won't mention names)
  • At least one of is wearing a Star Wars t-shirt on any given day
  • We love Snapchat
  • We go to INBOUND every year
  • We love HubSpot and the people that work there
  • We want to help share our ideas and knowledge of the HubSpot platform with others
Now let's meet the team...

Allie Hoffman

Allie HoffmanAllie HoffmanAllie Hoffman

Allie has been a front runner in getting the Raleigh HUG up to speed and organizing the upcoming events. She recently moved to North Carolina all the way from Minnesota (yes, it's exteremely cold there, and no she does not have an accent). Besides inbound marketing and project management, Allie loves to sing, teach Zumba classes, go to the beach, and backpacking in the mountains.


Josh Harcus

Josh HarcusJosh HarcusJosh Harcus

Josh is the true visionary of the group. He's always one step ahead of everyone else and an early adopter in everything marketing tech and trends. Josh founded Hüify back in 2012 and has been crushing it ever since. When he's not innovating, you can find him on his Booster Board out on the streets in Wilmington, surfing, or making hilariously awesome podcasts with Gamefinity.

Sara Rose

Sara RoseSara RoseSara Rose

Purple hair you say? Yeah that's right. And she means business. As COO and Co-founder of Hüify, she knows what it takes to start a business from scratch and keep it running smoothly. If she's not being a HubSpot pro, she's being a Crossfit pro. She enjoys working out, taking hilarious snaps of her dog, Baloo, and showing other people what good marketing really is.

Kyle Kramer

Kyle KramerKyle KramerKyle Kramer

If you haven't met Kyle, it's about time you did. He is young and moving at 3,000 miles an hour. You'll never meet someone with his energy, enthusiasm, and vast knowledge of the capabilities within HubSpot. If there's not a way, he'll find a way. When he's not finding hacks, he's out with his friends on the beach, snowboarding, or watching a Bills game.

John Gelardi

John GelardiJohn GelardiJohn Gelardi

When it comes to video, graphics, social media, and basically anything cutting-edge––John is your guy. He is truly an expert in his field and understands the ins and outs of video production and promotion. Did we mention he has over 370,000 subcribers to his YouTube channel, J.T. Machinima?  John also happens to be one the biggest Patriots fans out there.

These people are pretty awesome, and they're all extremely excited to meet you at the next Raleigh HUG meetup. We want to know your story and why you're awesome too––maybe you'll get featured on our blog!

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